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News of the PLACE-it project


Flex Stretch conference 2013:

Almost 100 participants ranging from technologists, academia, (textile) designers and end-users companies as well as material supplier to the field of textile – stretchable and flexible electronics were gathered for two days at the Flex Stretch Conference 2013 as held in the Evoluon of Eindhoven 12 and 13 november 2013. Prior to the conference the Monday was devoted to tutorials on the basic technologies and demonstrator examples as organized at the Holst Centre, Eindhoven. The two days offered plenty opportunity for discussion and interaction amongst the participants and speakers. Together with the lectures around themes like sports and wearables, medical and mobile applications and the basic technologies of tex-, flex- and stretch this provided ample background to conclude that a very exciting future lies ahead of new-fashioned electronics. By integration into thin, conformable and comfortable materials new applications can be served and electronics will approach mankind even closer.

PLACE-it Newsletter Issue 5
The fifth issue of the PLACE-it Newsletter is now published.

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New Publications in 2013:

In this section we high light recent publications/research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Due to copyrights of the publisher we can only provide the link to the respective publishers homepage.

Stretchable Electronics Technology for Large Area Applications: Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization.

Online feedback-controlled renal constant infusion clearances in rats.

Reliability of a stretchable interconnect utilizing terminated, in-plane meandered copper conductor.

The emerging role of MRI in quantitative renal glomerular morphology.

Stretchable circuits with horseshoe shaped conductors.

Reliability of Transcutaneous Measurement of Renal Function in Various Strains of Conscious Mice.


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